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How to Write an Introduction to a Research Paper

Usually, the introduction comes at the beginning of writing. Still, it is not the same as the type of opening in research papers. In this article, you will get tips on how to write the introduction of a paper that will interest the reader.

Students usually find it challenging to maintain the focus of thoughts while creating an introduction for their paper. However, by staying on the course of guides and tips we have here, you will be successful at writing your introduction.

What is a Research Paper Introduction?

The opening part of a paper where your reader is most likely to read at first glance is your introduction. Therefore, it becomes a necessity to include definitions and other relevant information in the introduction.

This part ensures a proper understanding of the points you will be presenting late in your paper. Apart from definitions, research papers need an apparent context that will guide readers into understanding the concepts your paper highlights and their significance each.

Such context is what your introduction should explain. That is why it is relatable for writers that the introduction seems to be the hardest part of the paper to write first of all. However, taking your time and points well, you will find yourself writing a proper introduction for your paper.

The introduction also spells out your research focus and rationale for the study. So, every research paper must be based on this point. Readers should be able to have a clue about their expectations and what might seem to interest them, just by reading your introduction.

Therefore, it is vital for your introduction to be highly exciting and still engaging at the same time. Finally, you should add your hypothesis right from the opening and also give a clue regarding the way your paper will be concluded.

What You Should Include in Your Introduction

We’ve got a good list for you here on what should go into your introduction and how you can prepare a proper introduction outline.

• Introduce your topic in an exciting way

• Give some contextual background to your introduction

• Help your readers understand why you carried out the research and what it entails

• Explain the significance of your study to your reader

• State a clear hypothesis of your research

Writing Tips for Students about Introduction

These tips will help you as a student to write your introduction appropriately.

  1. Define and Explain Key Concepts

The fundamental concepts of a research paper help the average reader to be on track as he reads. That is, all jargon and specialized terms crucial to the proper understanding of your essay must be well explained.

  1. Start with a Quotation

When you do my paper, this should be your goal to capture your reader’s attention right from the start. One way to achieve this is by starting with a captivating quotation that introduces your topic. What such quotation do is to create a picture in your audience’s mind, which they can relate to whenever they read your paper.


Presenting a top-quality paper requires a lot, and here is an excellent way to start learning. With the tips provided, you can write an excellent introduction to your research paper.