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How to Write a Thesis for a Research Paper

Research paper writing informs most grading decision college lecturers make. It means if a student cannot write a winning research paper, he or she is up against a difficult academic challenge. Thus, when it comes to writing this paper, the first question everyone should ask is do I have what it takes to craft the best paper?

Well, many things contribute to a well-written thesis statement in every research paper. While the rules remain the same, another question you should ask is do some students write better thesis statements than others? In this post, learn how to write a thesis statement for a research paper. But first, let’s define a thesis statement. It is a statement that declares your position as a writer. If you are writing about Coronavirus, for example, you can come up with a statement like this:

‘The use of hard cash such as banknotes is to blame to the continued spread of the coronavirus. The situation is heightened by the fact that not many countries have embraced mobile money as a great and indispensable banking option in the foreseeable future.’

With a good thesis for a research paper, a reader should tell the position you are taking as a writer. Most importantly, readers would be expensive some form of persuasive writing based on the position you are taking. In the above example, the big question which you would want to answer is, does the use of hard cash increases the spread of the virus and if so, how does it happen.

Synthesize and understand information at hand

The first step to writing a good thesis for a research paper is that you should understand why it is important in the first place. Most importantly, the nature of the information you have at hand, about a subject should help a student come up with the best thesis statement. Go through available information then write your thesis.

Do not write it is a question

There have been instances where students write a thesis statement in the form of a question. However, taking note that a thesis statement for a research paper should not be a question, steer clear of taking such a direction. The moment you craft a thesis as a question, you will have killed the argument.

It is not a list

Moreover, learning how to write a thesis statement is also learning how not to write it. Regardless of any compelling reasons, do not risk writing a thesis statement as a listicle. A thesis should/must be written in prose for it to qualify as one.

Keep it short and straight to the point

takeaway is that you should write a thesis statement that is straight to the point. Most importantly, keep it short, precise and accurate. Avoid using jargon when writing a thesis for a research paper because it should be easy to understand, even for the average reader.

In the end, you should also note that thesis statements should be non-combative. Present your claim for argument in a clear and direct manner.