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Medical Research Paper Topics List of Great Ideas

The medical field is such a broad discipline that there is an endless number of topics to study and write about. Ideas can be taken from the web, articles, dissertations, presentations and several other places. However, many students still have trouble coming up with something unique and interesting to do their projects on, so we are providing this list of 12 ideas available for free download.

Unique Topics for a Medical Research Paper

  • Should parents be allowed to deny their children medical support if it means that the treatments would be counter to familial social or religious beliefs?
  • What do you make of the Milwaukee Protocol and the ways in which other states have reacted to their approach in treating rabies?
  • How should the health industry adjust to religious demands stating that medically induced comas are unethical and against personal/religious beliefs?
  • Are women more susceptible to osteoporosis or other types of bone deterioration diseases? What is it about genetics that affects the female body more than the male body?

Controversial Ideas for a Medical Research Paper

  • How do our current choices in lifestyle, from the use of technology to lack of exercise, affect the way our standard of health has changed in the last two decades?
  • Which organization or party should oversee the need to short supply medication for particular patients? What input should the medical community have?
  • Have people‚Äôs opinions of euthanasia as an option that should be given to patients of terminal diseases be left to them and their families?
  • In what ways is obesity affecting the way other health conditions are being treated in the United States? Should obese people pay more for their health care?

Research Paper Topics for Medical Research

  • Should animal testing be allowed in cases where it is determined that the results can lead to greater positive medical support to human patients?
  • Who should have the right to determine the medical course and treatment for infants born with incurable diseases? Who has the responsibility to pay?
  • How has cancer treatment research improved/digressed over the course of the last two decades? Has the amount of funding increased or decreased?
  • Women have different symptoms from men when suffering from a heart attack. How does this make it difficult for health officials to pick up on the health issue to apply the proper treatment?

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