IGCP Project 559

Crustal Architecture and Images

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Updated: Apr 23, 2009

IGCP Project 559 -Seismic Images


Geophysical Profile 973 Transect, Tibet Plateau
Transect crosses a continent -scale dextral shear zone in the northeast margin of the Tibet Plateau. The transect shows the northward-moving Tibetan Plateau is squeezing the cratons of northern China eastwards ("tectonic escape process") and creating a series of continental-scale sinistral (left-lateral) shear zones (transcurrent fault zones).

Tibetan Plateau Transect, northern India - Tibet or Tibetan Plateau Transect, northern India - Tibet
Transect across the eastern part of Tibet crossing the Lhasa, Qiangtang and Songpan-Ganzi Terranes. The transect shows images of the crust and upper mantle beneath Tibet. Results provide information on the collision between India and Eurasia and that the Indian crust and mantle lithosphere was underthrusting the Lhasa terrane.

Indian sub-continent crustal structure, India
Summary of seismic tomography experiments in the Himalaya and Peninsular Shield regions of India. Seismic results in the Peninsular Shield area show internal structure of the three cratonic regions; Aravalli, Dharwar and Singhbhum, and the bounding Proterozoic rifts and mobile belts. Seismic results in the Himalaya region show structures formed during collision of India with Eurasia.