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14th International Symposium on the Seismic Probing of the Continents and their Margins

Symposium Details

Location: Cairns, North Queensland, Australia

Venue: Rydges Esplanade Resort Hotel, Cairns

Date: 29 August-3 September 2010

Host Organisations: Geoscience Australia, The Research School of Earth Sciences - Australian National University, The Specialist Group of Solid Earth Geophysics - Geological Society of Australia and IGCP559. Geoscience Australia and The Geological Survey of Queensland contributed to the organisation of the post Symposium field excursion.

Chair of Organising Committee: Dr Bruce Goleby, Geoscience Australia



Symposium's First Circular

Symposium's first circular

Symposium's Second Circular

Seismix 2010 Second Circular

Symposium's Third Circular

Seismix 2010 Third Circular


Symposium Documents

Seismix 2010 Abstract Volume Symposium Abstract Volume:
14th International Symposium on Deep Seismic Profiling of the Continents and their Margins Program and Abstracts [PDF 2.7MB]
  Mid Symposium Excursion:
No Publication prepared
Symposium Post-Conference Field Trip Volume Symposium Post-conference Field trip Volume:
The 14th International Symposium on "Deep Seismic Profiling of the Continents and their Margins" - Post-symposium Field Excursion Guidebook - 4-7 September 2010 - Transecting the Cratonic Margin in North-eastern Australia, compiled by Ian Withnall and Leonie Jones [PDF 7.4MB]

Symposium Processing Volume

Published by: Tectonophysics (in publication)

Volume Editor(s): Dr N. Rawlinson and Dr B. R. Goleby

Volume Description: In Publication.

(Full copies of these papers may be purchased for about US$30 each from Elsevier through their web site http://www.elsevier.com and follow the "journals" link to Tectonophysics)


Symposium Photograph(s)


Attendants of Seismix 2010 gather outside the conference venue.

Attendants of Seismix 2010 gather outside the conference venue. Photo courtesy of Colin Zelt, Rice University