IGCP Project 559

Crustal Architecture and Images

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Updated: Oct 13, 2010

IGCP Project 559 - Seismic Images

Eastern Europe

Urals Transect, Central Russia
Transect across a major Late Palaeozoic continental collision zone, the Uralian Orogen, within central Russia. Collision zone marks the collision of the East European Craton with the Siberian Craton and intervening terranes of oceanic, island arc and micro-continental origin.

Urals Reflection Transect, central Russia
Transect crosses the southern Urals Mountains within central Russia, between Ufa and Kartaly. Transect shows a features of a Palaeozoic orogen that resulted from the Middle to Late Paleozoic collision of the East European Craton with a Sibirian-Kasachian terrane agglomerate. The Transect shows that the Uralides have a significant crustal root in a low-relief region and that there is a doubly-vergent fabric within the collisional belt.