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Updated: Oct 13, 2010

Supercontinents and Earth Evolution Symposium
Fremantle, Western Australia
26-30 September, 2005

(Extract from the IGCP 474 Annual Report, 2005)

IGCP Project 474 was a sponsor of scientific sessions at a major tectonic evolution symposium held in Fremantle , Western Australia, during 26-30 September, 2005. the symposium was hosted by the Tectonics Special Research Centre, University of Western Australia.

The symposium aimed to highlight the importance of tectonic events from the beginning of the Earth's geological history about 4Byr before present in determining the makeup of the present-day configuration of the continents. The focus of the symposium was on processes involved in the evolution of major supercontinents and IGCP Project 474 were part-sponsors of scientific sessions at the meeting, aiming to highlight present-day 3-D images of the Earth's crust obtained from seismic projects and how the present-day structure is a key to the past. There were about 150 participants in the symposium from all parts of the world. Many were leaders in the their field of geology and geophysics.

IGCP Projects participating in the symposium were:

  • IGCP 368 – Proterozoic events in east Gondwana deposits
  • IGCP 411 – Geodynamics of Gondwanaland-derived terranes in east and south Asia
  • IGCP 440 – Rodinia assembly and breakup
  • IGCP 474 – Images of the Earth's crust
  • IGCP 509 – Palaeoproterozoic supercontinents and global evolution

A special session sponsored by IGCP Project 474 was held during Wednesday 28 September. The aim of this session was to emphasise the 3-dimensional nature of lithospheric processes affecting surface geological sampling. The titles of talks given were:

Key IGCP 474 speakers included Prof. Onno Oncken (Germany), Dr. Ramon Carbonell (Spain), David Grey (Australia), Michael Mints (Russia) and Prof. Larry Brown (USA)

In addition there were a number of poster papers presented, including those from Randell Stephenson (The Netherlands), Jnana Kayal (India), Ramon Carbonell (Spain) and Michael Mints (Russia). This poster material will be incorporated in brief summaries on the IGCP Project 474 web site.