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Updated: Oct 13, 2010


The 14th International Symposium on "Deep Seismic Profiling of the Continents and their Margins"

Cairns, Australia, 2010

2nd Circular

What's New (30 July 2010):

  1. Draft Timetable released - see Symposium Program
  2. Updated information Mid-symposium Excursion - see Mid Symposium Excursion
  3. Updated information on Symposium Dinner - see Symposium Dinner
  4. Updated information on Post-symposium Excursion - see Post Symposium Excursion

Images of Cairns and the Seismix 2010 logo

Image of Cairns Esplanade provided under creative commons by Donaldytong. Image of Cairns skyline provided by Rydges

The 14th International Symposium on "Deep Seismic Probing of the Continents and their Margins" will be held at the Rydges Esplanade Resort Hotel in Cairns, northern Queensland, Australia between Sunday 29th August and Friday 3rd September 2010.

The symposium is organised by Geoscience Australia, the Research School of Earth Sciences - Australian National University, the Specialist Group of Solid Earth Geophysics - Geological Society of Australia and IGCP559; with assistance from the Geological Survey of Queensland in organisation of the post Symposium field excursion.

SEISMIX meetings are biennial events that provide opportunities for seismologists and related specialists from all continents to meet together to discuss advances in seismic profiling acquisition, processing, interpretation and data integration and usage since the first meeting took place in 1984 at Cornell University, New York, USA.

We invite you to participate and contribute to SEISMIX 2010.

Symposium Dates

The dates for SEISMIX 2010 are Sunday 29th August to Friday 3rd September 2010 inclusive. A post Symposium Excursion will occur immediately after the symposium, running from Saturday 4th September to Tuesday 7th September inclusive.

Symposium Dates:29 August - 3rd September, 2010
Post-Symposium Excursion:4th September - 7th September, 2010
Last Date for Early-Bird Registration:29th May, 2010 (Registration Form)
End of On-line Registration:8th August, 2010
Abstract Submission Deadline:29th May, 2010 (Abstract Submission Form)
Preliminary Programme Available:29th July, 2010

Symposium Location

The location for SEISMIX 2010 is Cairns, North Queensland, Australia.

Cairns is located in tropical north Queensland and is a major tourist hub that is the gateway for visitors to experience the Great Barrier Reef, the Daintree Rainforest World Heritage Area or the vast north Queensland hinterland regions.

Cairns has a population of around 160,000 people and exists both as a tourist destination (with 40% of income coming from tourist) and a service centre for inland agriculture farming, with sugar as the largest crop. Fruit, tobacco, and coffee are also grown in the hinterland. Cairns also provides support to fly-in-fly-out inland mining operations, local manufacturing and commercial and recreational fishing.

There are many websites providing information about Cairns and its surrounds. Below are a few to start your exploration:

  • http://www.cairnsvisitorcentre.com
  • http://www.cairnsweb.com.au
  • http://www.cairnseguide.com

We suggest you consider coming a few days early or staying a few days afterwards and taking advantage of the location to visit the many features of tropical north Queensland, especially the Great Barrier Reef, and the Daintree Rainforest World Heritage Area.

Symposium Venue

The symposium will be held at the Rydges Esplanade Resort Hotel in Cairns. This hotel has been chosen because it caters for our symposium requirements as well as providing quality accommodation and meals for the participants. It is close to central Cairns and its facilities. Further information on the venue itself is available through Rydges Esplanade Resort Hotel, Cairns; however do not use this link for booking accommodation. A special accommodation booking web site has been set up for registrants to use to book accommodation.

Rydges Hotel Address:

  • Rydges Esplanade Resort Hotel, Cairns
  • Corner The Esplanade and Kerwin Street
  • Cairns QLD 4870
  • Phone: +61 7 40449000

Travelling to Cairns

Cairns is located on Australia's eastern coast at latitude 16° 55'S, longitude 145° 46'E.

View Larger Map

Map provided by Google maps

By Air

Cairns boasts both international and domestic airport terminals that are serviced by major international, national and state air airline carriers. There are a range of direct flights for those international travellers coming from New Zealand, Hong Kong, Japan, Guam and Papua New Guinea.

In addition, Cairns has regular and frequent daily domestic flights to and from all Australian capital cities including Darwin, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

A domestic flight from Brisbane, the closest major city is between around Aus$300 to Aus$400 depending on the deal you can find.

By Coach

Coach travel is an efficient and pleasurable way to see the countryside. Major coach companies operate luxury, air conditioned vehicles with express services between major Australian cities and Cairns. For further information on coach travel, as a start check out one of the following, though there are more providers available.

  • http://www.greyhound.com.au
  • http://www.travel.co.ck/australia/australia-bus-train.htm#traincns

By Road

The distance to Cairns from the closest Capital City, Brisbane, by the most practicable direct route is 1700 km. It is 2700 km from Sydney, 2800 km from Darwin, 3100 km from Melbourne. Cars can be rented from any of these towns; however remember these distances are a long way and the Brisbane to Cairns trip is a full 2½ day trip at best and that is without stopping and enjoying the scenery.

Cairns Weather

Around August and September, Cairns is warm to hot. Its average annual maximum temperature for this period is 26°C to 27°C while its average minimum temperature is 17°C to 18°C. Average annual humidity of around 62%. The Cairns dry season runs from June to October where the average monthly rainfall averages 35 mm.

Dress attire is therefore casual for all activities.

Symposium Program

The Symposium will keep with previous symposium tradition and will run as a single session, meaning that there are no parallel sessions. Both oral presentation sessions and poster sessions will be scheduled, with time allocated for poster presenters to discuss their results.

We invite both oral and poster presentations. It is recommended that you also prepare your oral presentation as a poster presentation to obtain maximum advantage for discussion.

The focus of the Symposium will continue to be on investigations into the continents and their margins using seismic techniques, as well as on details of the various seismic (active and passive) acquisition, processing, and integration methodologies, including integration with other earth imaging datasets.

The Symposium themes will be similar to previous years, including, but not limited to:

  • Passive continental margins
  • Active continental margins and subduction structures
  • Intra-continental collision and accretion
  • Continental rifts and basins
  • Crust forming Processes
  • The continental mantle
  • Numerical modelling and inverse methods in seismology
  • Innovative seismic acquisition and processing techniques
  • Crustal imaging studies
  • Crustal seismic studies of mineral and petroleum resource systems
  • Integrated multidisciplinary case studies

The Symposium will encourage papers and posters on application of seismic methods in new areas including Deep Seismic Techniques and Methodologies applied to deeper:

  • Carbon dioxide capture and geological storage
  • Geothermal exploration

These will continue to be growth areas as the world begins to rely on earth imaging techniques to solve their resource and environmental problems.

What's New 30 July 2010:

The organising committee have arranged a program that includes 74 oral presentations and 64 poster presentations. The oral program is full; however the organising committee will accept additional poster presentations.

A draft oral timetable [PDF 770KB] is now available.

This timetable is intended to give speakers an indication of their currently scheduled timeslot. We note that this timetable can change; however by now changes should be minor.

We have compressed the above themes into 5 super themes:
1) Cratonic Evolution,
2) Continental Margins,
3) Minerals, CO2 and Geothermal,
4) Data Acquisition and Modelling, and
5) Crust and Mantle

Symposium Abstract Volume

Geoscience Australia, as Australia's national geological survey, will publish the abstract volume in its Records series in order to ensure that authors have a citeable and enduring reference for tracking purposes. The symposium abstract volume will be produced prior to the Symposium and distributed to the participants on arrival at registration.

Abstract Submission

The Symposium venue is equipped with a digital computer projector for oral presentations (e.g. Powerpoint, PDF). A separate room is available for poster presentations.

Oral presentations

Each oral presentation requires an abstract. Abstracts specifications are similar to previous symposium requirements. Abstract submission is via web submission.

Poster Presentations

The size of the poster board is 2.4m wide x 1.8m high (2.32m x 1.12m useable space). Please prepare posters to fit this space. Each poster requires an abstract.

Abstract submission deadline is the 29th May, 2010. Please submit your abstract using the Abstract Submission Form.


Symposium Registration

The early-bird registration fee is Aus$980 up until the 29th May, 2010, after which registration is Aus$$1200. For graduate and post-graduate students the fee is Aus$580. The one day fee is Aus$250.

On-line registration will be available until the 8th August, 2010. After that payment is only possible at the Symposium site. If you cannot register before that or find you can attend at the last minute we are happy to accept you; however please send us an email as soon as possible so we can prepare.

Payment options include Cheque, Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard), as well as bank transfer. You will receive detailed information by e-mail after your registration is submitted.

Symposium Registration fees are:

Symposium Registration fees are:
On-line registration before 29th May 2010AUD$980
On-line registration after 29th May 2010AUD$1200
On-line registration before 29th May 2010 (student)AUD$580
On-line registration after 29th May 2010 (student)AUD$800
Manual registrationAUD$1300
One Day RegistrationAUD$250


The registration fee covers the abstract volume and satchel, the Sunday ice-breaker function, 5x lunches, 5x dinners including the Symposium dinner, all coffee and tea during breaks and the mid-Symposium excursion.

Breakfast is booked as part of the Accommodation package.

Accommodation requirements for those doing the post symposium field trip are included in the post symposium field trip fees.

Currently there is no programme planned for accompanying persons; however, information will be available for a range of suitable activities. If you have an accompanying person who would like to participate to the Symposium dinner and/or half day excursion, they are welcome. The cost for additional tickets to the Symposium dinner is Aus$128 and the mid-symposium excursion is Aus$130. These can be paid during registration.

IGCP559 is supporting students through the provision of a discount to their registration costs. Students who are interested should complete the student sponsorship form and send by e-mail to seismix10@ga.gov.au. The form should include also the name and e-mail address of the supervisor who can recommend the applicant.

To register, please complete the Symposium Registration Form


Accommodation and Breakfast

Accommodation is at the Rydges Esplanade Resort Hotel, Cairns. The organisers have reserved a number of rooms for SEISMIX registrants.

If you are going on the symposium field excursion please book for Friday night as well.

Everyone is responsible for booking their own accommodation. You will also be responsible for all costs associated with your room, including use of the mini-bar, any hotel services, room service, room internet etc.

To book your accommodation, visit http://www.rydges.com/cwp/seismix10.


Accommodation Booking Form

Student Support

IGCP559 is supporting students through the provision of a discount to their registration costs. Students who are interested should complete a student sponsorship application and return it by e-mail to [email protected]. The application should include also the name and e-mail address of the supervisor who recommends the applicant.

To apply for student sponsorship please complete the sponsorship form:


Symposium Dinner

The Symposium dinner will be held at a local tourist attraction. Come and enjoy Australian food and beer in the company of your SEISMIX 2010 colleagues. The cost of the Symposium dinner is included in your registration. Additional tickets are available at Aus$128.

When venue details are finalised, further information will be available here.

What's New 30 July 2010:

The Symposium dinner will be held at Hartley's Crocodile Farm. For further information on the Symposium dinner see Hartley's Crocodile Farm. Coaches will depart from Rydges Hotel at 6.00pm.

Mid Symposium Excursion

The mid symposium excursion planned is a visit to Green Island Reef. The visit will include a presentation on the Great Barrier Reef and its marine environment as well as a brief introduction to the geology of the Cairns area and hinterland. The excursion will involve travel by boat to Green Island and an opportunity to walk on the island and even snorkel over some remanent coral. Lunch will be provided on the Island.

The cost of the mid symposium excursion is included in your registration.

What's New 30 July 2010:

The Green Island mid symposium excursion is planned to take all day. Buses will pick up delegates from Rydges at 9:00am and return them to Rydges at 4:00pm. All equipment for the excursion is provided; however it is recommended to bring some sunscreen, a hat (the symposium cap will do unless you need extra sun protection) and comfortable shoes.

Post Symposium Excursion

The post-symposium excursion is a four day excursion that commences on Saturday 4th September from the Rydges Esplanade Resort Hotel, Cairns, the day after the Symposium.

The post-symposium excursion is being organised with significant assistance from the Geological Survey of Queensland and Geoscience Australia.

The excursion is planned to depart Cairns by bus and proceed through the Palaeozoic aged rocks of the Atherton Tableland hinterland, before following along the 2006 Deep Seismic transect that crosses the Tasman Line, a major north-south structure that extends for thousands of kilometres through eastern Australian, and separates the Palaeozoic rocks around Cairns from the Proterozoic rocks to the west. The Tasman Line structure continues to provide much debate amongst geologists as to its significance. The excursion then heads towards the Georgetown Province, visiting sites showing some of Australia's youngest volcanism. The excursion will end in Cairns and the fee wincludes accommodation for the Tuesday night.

The post-symposium excursion fee of Aus$1280 covers field guide, bus transportation, accommodation from Saturday 4th September through Tuesday 7th September inclusive, ie 4 nights and all meals during the excursion, including accommodation in Cairns for the nights before and after the excursion. The only additional cost you will have is dinner on the Friday night before starting the Symposium, and remember to book your Friday night accommodation when you book your symposium accommodation.

The excursion is not physically demanding, however good walking shoes are recommended to make it more enjoyable.

We can accept a maximum of forty participants on the excursion, so will apply the "first-come-first-served" principle for booking. This is booked when registering for the Symposium.

Post-symposium excursion fees are: 
Excursion fee per person$1280


A preliminary excursion plan is available; noting this is subject to change.

What's New 30 July 2010:

23 people will be joining the post-symposium excursion. All arrangements for the post-symposium excursion have been completed and any further information will be made available to participants either here or via email.

Cancellations and Refunds

Full registration fees will only be refunded if the notice of cancellation is received before 29th May, 2010.

Full post-symposium excursion fees will only be refunded if the notice of cancellation is received before 29th May, 2010.

There is no refund after the 8th August, 2010.

Refunds between the 29th May, 2010 and the 8th August, 2010 will be prorated.

Symposium Communications

Symposium communications will be through circulars to known past SEISMIX attendants as well as notices placed on the symposium website. This website will provide information and registration information.

Information will also be sent to all registrants

Information can be requested using the symposiums' general email address: [email protected]

Symposium Logo

The symposium's logo depicts an Australian kangaroo creating seismic waves through a laterally varying structure.

Symposium Proceedings Volume

As with previous meetings, there will be an opportunity to publish the proceedings of the symposium as a special issue of Tectonophysics. We plan that the deadline of manuscript submission would be 29th February, 2011. We would appreciate your early expression of interest of contributing in this publication. Suitable editors will be selected from the organising committee and coopted experts.

Symposium Organisers

Symposium Committee

  • Dr Bruce Goleby, Petroleum and Marine Division, Geoscience Australia
  • Dr Barry Drummond, Geohazards and Earth Monitoring Division, Geoscience Australia
  • Dr Ned Stolz, Onshore and Energy and Minerals Division, Geoscience Australia
  • Ms Jenny Maher, Onshore Energy and Minerals Division, Geoscience Australia
  • Dr Nick Rawlinson, Research School of Earth Sciences, Australian National University
  • Dr Doug Finlayson, Secretary IGCP559
  • Dr Leonie Jones, Onshore and Energy and Minerals Division, Geoscience Australia

The SEISMIX10 website is http://www.earthscrust.org/seismix2010/

Symposium Contact

  • Dr Bruce Goleby
  • Chief Geophysicist, PMD
  • Petroleum and Marine Division
  • Geoscience Australia
  • P.O. Box 378,
  • Canberra, ACT, 2601
  • Australia.
  • Phone: +61 2 6249 9404
  • Fax: +61 2 6249 9933

The e-mail address of the organizing committee [email protected]

Conferences in Australia prior to Seismix10

Delegates to SEISMIX10 should be aware of two conferences that are occurring within Australia prior to the meeting.

The first is the Australian Earth Sciences Convention that is being held in Canberra, at the National Convention Centre, Canberra ACT, from the 4 to the 8 July 2010. For further information see http://www.aesc2010.gsa.org.au/

The second, held one the week before, is the Australian Society of Exploration Geophysicists (ASEG) and Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA) organised "21st International Geophysical Conference and Exhibition" that is being held in Sydney, at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, NSW, from the 22 to the 26 August 2010. For further information see http://www.aseg-pesa2010.com.au/

Symposium Sponsors

Financial sponsorship has already been obtained from:

  • Specialist Group in Solid Earth Geophysics, Geological Society of Australia, and
  • IGCP559

and in-kind sponsorship from:

  • Geoscience Australia, and
  • Research School of Earth Sciences, Australian National University.

The committee continues to investigate additional sponsorship.

We look forward to seeing you in Cairns!

Images of Cairns and the Seismix 2010 logo