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Updated: Oct 13, 2010

Preliminary Post Symposium Excursion Program

The SEISMIX 2010 Post Symposium Excursion explores the hinterland behind Cairns, and provides an opportunity to see some Australian bush whilst looking at the results from several recent deep seismic reflection surveys conducted through this region. The excursion has two themes relevant to the symposium:

  1. Why are some geologically significant faults reflective while others are not, and
  2. Application of deep seismic techniques to understand geothermal systems.

The excursion would depart Cairns by bus and proceed through Palaeozoic aged rocks of the Atherton Tableland hinterland, before following along the 2006 Deep Seismic transect that crosses the Tasman Line, a major north-south geologically important structure that extends for thousands of kilometres through the Australian mainland and separates the Palaeozoic rocks around Cairns from the Proterozoic rocks further to the west. The Tasman Line structure continues to provide much debate amongst geologists as to its significance. The excursion then heads towards the Georgetown Province, visiting sites showing some of Australia�s youngest volcanism. The excursion will end in Cairns.